Maggitator Maggie Heineman here,

I cut my first stencil back in 1956 and I've been doing newsletters ever since. In 1995 I got wired and began doing websites.  This page links to them.


MLRA and MLRA Wildflowers

In 2001 Herb and I moved from Philadelphia to Medford Leas, a continuing care retirement community in southern New Jersey. In 2004 I established a website for the resident association which has a wildflowers group. Developing the MLRA site and especially the wildflowers section of the site has been a lot of fun for me.

2004 & 2005 - three very small sites.
I did this one for my son. He needs to send me pictures.
Since moving to New Jersey I've taking up biking, leading rides, doing the DRides website and now a virtual bike ride across America - a goal of 3048 miles in 2005.
Another small website

I became active in both transgender inclusion and the Internet in the summer of 1995.  But I didn't volunteer to do this website until the spring of 2003.  It's my first new website since 1997 and this one was done with a used copy of Dreamweaver3 that I bought on EBay for $60.
B-A logo

Bridges Across the Divide
I started this site in 1996 and turned it over to others in 2004.

What's a nice gay-rights activist like me doing with an ex-gayman?
The mission of Bridges Across the Divide is to provide models and resources for building respectful relationships among those who disagree about  moral issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance.

pft logo
In early 1996 I established a  website for the pflag-talk and tgs-pflag email lists. John Lindner is now webmaster. 
The Rhea Murray Website- Mother Phoenix
Heroic mother of a gay teenager in Indiana
I met Rhea through pflag-talk and prepared this website in her honor. She really is a heroine.  Rhea's son Bruce was driven out of highschool because of gay bashing. Rhea is a world class PFLAG mom.  So is my friend Lammy.

These next few sites are no longer on critpath (sigh)
so I've removed the broken links. Once upon a time . . .

Chrysler Campaign
The Campaign for Equal Rights at Chrysler
I was the webmaster for the Campaign for Equal Rights at Chrysler and thecoordinator of the November14,1996 National Day of Protest against Chrysler. Because of the national day of protest, Chrysler blinked.   For the first time, the company used the phrase "sexual orientation"  in a company policy statement
United Depauw
DePauwCampaign Against Homophobia
DePauwCampaign Against Homophobia
The g/l campus group at DePauw participated in the November 14 National Day of Protest against Chrysler.The following day, November 15 1996, The Bachelorette, a homophobic parody newspaper was published. Between November20 and December 4 I worked with Eric Edberg to establish an Internet response which extremely successful in bringing about awareness and change on that campus. 
ChadronCampaign Against Homophobia
Matt - Bruce - Bill - Brian - Jason

On November 20, 1996, the day that I established the DePauw Campaign website, the campus newspaper in Chadron, Nebraska reported that Matt McNeil had left school because of harassment. I contacted the student reporterand established the Chadron site. 

Originally the site was an attack the college for its failure to protectMatt. As I learned more, I discovered this was unfair. The Chadron sitethen became a lament about the hardships and tragedies which fall to gay youth, like Bruce Murray and Bill Clayton, even when they have support from families and schools.

In 1996, a 15 year old high school student in Chadron wrote to me. He had a poem Fear on his website and gave me permission to upload it to the Chadron site. Brian is now a list manager for the Youth Guardian Services. Brian Griffith,the Chadron highschool boy who wrote Fear, became a youth-list manager for Youth Guardian Services, which was established by my "Internet Son" Jason Hungerford.

Fight the Right Network1994-1996
In 1994 I was a co-founder of the Fight the Right Network in Philadelphia. When the FTRN moved to cyberspace,so did I. In my FTRN role, I provided the initial website and list for the Pennsylvania Alliance for Democracy.  FTRN closed, but its  Interfaith Working Group,continues as a separate entity.
Philadelphia PFLAG
PFLAG Philadelphia
Philadelphia PFLAG
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays 
In October, 1999 Melvin Markowitz took over as webmaster for the chapter website which I established in 1995. I was newsletter editor for my chapterfrom 1991 until 1996.  I led the Internet workshops at the 1996 and1997 National PFLAG conferences. 

Family-- Herb Heineman and I have been married since1961. We have three children, one of whom is gay, and three grandchildren.  In June, 2001 we moved from our Philadelphia home to Lumberton Leas campus of Medford Leas, New Jersey. 

Our oldest daughter lives in Iowa City. Her son Josh does Claymation and Animation - his website is This is a March 20, 2005 Newsweek interview with Josh's other mother, Johanna Schoen. While I'm bragging, this is a link to UCPress page describing Lisa's book.

Here's a cute pic of our son's children, on a sidewalk in Brooklyn. Jim's business site.

My computer wallpaper is a tile of this pic of our youngest daughter. She's principal bassoonist with the NSO, but I can't get the direct link to her page or her NSO video. Gotta surf to it from the link provided to meet the orchestra, to the bassoon section, etc.
Balanced Links
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