A Minority Within a Minority  
June, 1997 A Minority Within A Minority

I am 27 years old and am living in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. I always include the Canada - since a rather depressing number have no idea where Saskatchewan is - let alone Regina. I have a BSc degree with majors in chemistry and mathematics. At one time I had illusions of going on to do gradute work in chemistry - but I don't think that is what I want afterall. I am currently employed as a lab tech in a provincial government laboratory. 

I am gay - and on the side-A side of things (the pro-gay side). I guess I am a minority within a minority since I am also an atheist. I grew up in a relatively conservative Roman Catholic family - though my immediate family is less so than extended family. I suppose if one wanted to be picky about it I am still technically a Roman Catholic since I was baptised as one and have not been excommunicated. But I choose to identify myself as an atheist. I would be what is sometimes referred to as a weak atheist - the weak here is not prejorative. Weak refers to the state of not having a belief in God - whereas strong atheism is the belief that God does not exist. Weak atheism is much like some concepts of agnosticism - though it isn't tainted by so many misunderstandings that inflict agnosticism. 

I came out to my immediate family when I was a month away from being 25. I don't actually remember the date - though it wasn't the same day for all my family members. I am not what anyone would consider a gay activist - but I do like a good debate and have gotten into a few on the various usenet groups and mailing lists I have been on. I was a gay apologist of sorts I suppose. I rarely spend my time doing the debating thing anymore however. 

I spend my time on a lot of things. I spend far too much time on the internet - and with this high speed cable modem connection it has gotten worse :) I am subscribed to a number of different mailing list discussions - most of which have some connection to religion and gay issues. One of my favourite mailing lists is the Different Christians email list. It is a mixture of very liberal to very conservative Christian denominations - and the conversation manages to yet remain quite civil. They don't seem to have any problems with an atheist in their midst - though proselytizing (from any viewpoint) is off-limits. 

I am also quite a philosophy buff and I think if I had huge sums of money that I didn't have to worry about the practicality of finding work - I would presue a degree in philosophy. Though perhaps it is better to keep it a hobby/interest. The two areas of philosophy which interest me the most - and which I do most of my reading in are the philosophy of religion (which demands dabbling in all areas of philosophy) and moral philosophy. A few of the mailing lists I am on are geared towards my philosophy interests.

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