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Confronting the Powers that Be

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I believe that my opponent, too, is a child of  God and that we are members of one human family. I believe that my opponent is not my enemy, but a victim of misinformation as I have been. I believe that my opponent's motives are as pure as mine and of no relevance to our discussion. I believe that even my worst opponent has an amazing potential for positive change. I believe that my opponent may have an insight  into truth that I do not have. I believe that one day my opponent and I will understand each other and that if we conduct our mutual search for truth guided by the principles of love, we will find  a new position that will satisfy us both.

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Faith Communities and Homosexuality
edited by Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Christian Debate

Tony & Peggy Campolo ("Is the Homosexual My Neighbor?") "We have very, very divergent views on this issue. I for instance believe that the Bible does not allow for same gender sexual marriage. I do not believe that same gender sexual intercourse is permissible if you read the Bible as I do. Peggy believes in monogamous relationships. In short, she would hold to a belief that within the framework of evangelical Christianity, gay marriages are permissible and she will try to make her point." (Mrs. Campolo gave  B-A a copy of this video for transcription and upload

Wink-Mauser Debate : "Homosexuality and the Bible" "Not since slavery, in my estimation, has there been an issue that has as much potential to divide the religious communities as this one." (off-site link

Herzog-Brauch Debate; "The Bible and Homosexuality" "Although these two highly regarded academics have very different viewpoints on the subject, they are and will remain friends and brothers in Christ." (our transcription of an American Baptist video

Ontario Consultants on Relious Tolerance: "The Bible and Homosexuality" "We explain Biblical references to homosexuality from both a conservative and liberal Christian perspective. Topics covered are: Summary & Caution, Biblical References to Same-Sex Activity, People's beliefs about the Bible, Verses in the book of Genesis, Verses in the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), Verses in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), Same-sex relationships in the Bible, Conclusions, Internet & published references." (offsite link)

Walter Wink:  "Homosexuality and the Bible"   "We in the church need to get our priorities straight. We have not reached a consensus about who is right on  the issue of homosexuality. But what is clear, utterly clear, is that we are commanded to love one another." (onsite - available as a low-cost print publication)

Bob Davies: What Does the Bible Say?" "The latest findings of science and and individual's personal experiences are treated as higher authorities than the Scriptures." (off-site link

H.N.Miller: The Bible on Homosexuality: The Church must always ask, "What does the Bible Say?"  "Many Christians wonder what the fuss is all about, why this issue is not settled quickly, since the Bible is so clear on the subject. It's obvious homosexual behavior is wrong. Because, simply, the Bible says it is! However, other Christians make a case that the Bible does not condemn all homosexual practice. The passages which mention same-sex relations are not as straightforward as they appear." (offsite link)
Harold Miller, a Mennonite,   runs a Gay Issues Discussion Board. His report on the March, 1999 Mennonite consultaton is posted on the Bridges-Across webforum.

Jeramy Townsley: "Search for God's Heart and Truth"  "First, let me say that I am an Evangelical Christian, committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, his death, burial and resurrection, and our absolute need for Him for the forgiveness of our sins. Along with this is a commitment to the integrity of Scripture--realizing the need to try to understand the original intent of the author as s/he was inspired by the Holy Spirit, rather than trying to dismiss passages that don't conform to what I happen to want to believe. 

Joe Dallas: "Responding to Pro-Gay Theology" "When God is reputed to sanction what He has already clearly forbidden, then a religious travesty is being played out, and boldly. Confronting it is necessary because it (the pro-gay theology) asks us to confirm professing Christians in their sin, when we are Biblically commanded to do just the opposite." (offsite link)

Loren L. Johns: "Homosexuality and the Bible: A Case Study in the Use of the Bible for Ethics"
"Christians agree on many of the ethical issues surrounding homosexuality. The single issue around which most of the difference remains is, 'Is a loving, committed, monogamous homosexual relationship among Christians (including sexual intercourse) tolerated or blessed by God today?'  (offsite link

Royce Buehler: "A Defense Theory: An Analysis of Six Critical Texts Used to Condemn Homosexuality" "Then came a post that, as I thought, brought my whole pro-gay house of cards tumbling down. It was drawn from Joe Dallas, and it concerned the much-disputed word in 1 Corinthians 6:9, and in 1 Timothy 1:10.. " (first presented on the Bridges-Across email, and uploaded to Whosoever by bridger Candace Chellew)

Gene Chase: Questions and Answers
Q.  My experience of holiness as a gay or lesbian Christian is no different from yours. As best I can reason, it matches what God wants for me. God has confirmed this for me by His loving acceptance of me, by gifting me with spiritual gifts, and by the way the Bible speaks to me about being faithful to my gay lover. How can you be so presumptuous as to say that I am wrong? 
A.This is actually the hardest question of all. It conflates experience, revelation, and reason. In that respect, it is the question that all of the answers on these pages are designed to address.  more... 

Jeramy Townsley: Paul, The Goddess, and Homosexuality
Augustine's account is very similar, including a description of their emasculated state: "There are sacred rites of the mother of the gods, in which the beautiful youth Atys, loved by her, and castrated by her through a woman's jealousy, is
deplored by men who have suffered the like calamity, whom they call Galli. ... And certainly they themselves have seen what they transact in secret through the agency of mutilated and effeminate men."

(note: Royce BuehlerGene Chase and Jeramy Townsley  have been BA participants)

Rankin and LaFountaine Debate: " Does the Bible Object More to Homophobia than to Homosexuality?" LaFountaine: "The irony is the church wants to kick us out. We are already in the  church. We have been in the church for centuries, serving the church  faithfully." Rankin: "My interest in argument tonight is not to be negative against homosexuality or homosexuals, it is to be positive in favor of the image of God the way God ordained it." (onsite, audio transcription provided to B-A)

The Lifter of My Head

By Randy Thomas 10/13/98
[on hearing the news of Matthew Shepard's death]

Bass undercurrent with white 
With white layered raiments flowing in an unseen but felt wind 
 Felt wind going in different direction causing Life to turn 
Life to turn and tumble,

My face is set still 
Set still with a moving tear 
Moving tear that pushes itself off my upturned chin   Upturned chin resting in Light's Hand 

My God 
My God what a hateful world 
Oh, My Godů. 

Mercy please 
Mercy please to me 
To me and those who can't see You 
Who can't see You! 

Mercy I plead
Mercy to him who can't see past
Can't see past this thin veil of mortal life. 

The dimensions of man escapes himself 
Escapes himself to definition by whimsy and vain intellect
He perishes for lack of knowledge 
 Is murdered by intellect 
Tears burst in refracted Light 
Cries shake the Temple 

Light's Hand 
Light's hand washes me blood paradox 
Paradox of torment and freedom 
 Surrounded in Peace 
 Eyes of Fire 
 Words of Serenity 

And they still rage. I love you Christ, my Yeshua. I trust your sovereignty.

Randy Thomas is the director of Living Hope Ministries in Dallas, Texas. He is the host ofDiscuss! @ the Waterline.


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