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Reading How We Agree

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Note: Most writings by participants in Bridges-Across are on the Policy Page which we call TIDH - Toward an International Discussion of Homosexuality.  Participants intros are on the Journeys Page

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    You can see the sky, but, because of the undercast, the earth becomes invisible. At other times it is just the pposite.


    Our heads, and our eyes, were in the clouds. In fact, the cloud even tried to enter the room. That happens at The Mountain

    This morning

    The waning moon and Venus could not be seen.   Below, there was a single light, as bright as the planet.

    We long

    For the clear days with the unobstructed view of the earth. And for the dark nights when the Milky Way appears.


    It will be light enough to see what the spiders did last night. 

    by Maggie Heineman, August 1996

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