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Two Steves

3/21/ 97

Steve C quoted Steve S , who had said, "Steve C., I appreciate your tone very much"

  • SteveC replied, "Well, Steve S., the feeling's mutual.  I've read your response a few times now trying to decide just how to respond best as we cover quite a bit of territory! I'm going to break it into separate posts of the four areas I think our discussion is in."

  • SteveC's email:
    ex-gay groups  
    post-gay sexuality   
    the divide   
    God loves lgb people
    SteveS's email:
    a sinful theology
    doubting the doubts

     Walking on the Waterline: Steve S and Randy

    Disclaimer: People who participate in our cross-divide dialogue do so as individuals, not as representatives of any organization with which they may be affiliated.  Also, a person's  participation in dialogue does not imply the endorsement of the views of any other individual who has also participated in dialogue.

    (anon) British Teen
    (anon) Tom a Promise Keeper
    Sonia Balcer director, Safe Passage
    Cindy Beal
    founder, Justice and Peace Consulting
    Ron Belgau
    Bob Buehler
    pastor, Marbury Church of God"   
    Joe Bush III Objectivist
    Alan Chambers, director Exodus NA
    Gene Chase, director Free!
    Candace Chellew editor/webmaster,  Whosever
    Tom Cole director,  Reconciliation Ministries 
    Tyler Connor seminarian
    Gabi Clayton webmaster, Safe Schools Coalition
    Jason Crockett medical student
    Penny Culliton teacher, Mescenic School Dist., NH
    Jan Flecher Quaker, transexual
    Melanie Geyer
    Andrew Goddard
    Anglican priest
    Rob Goetze director, New Direction for Life
    Jim Habegger   community Jim
    Carla Harshman director, Vital Signs
    Maggie Heineman BA webmaster
    Joe Hennessy   United Methodist (Reconciling)
    Mike Jones director, Corduroy Stone
    Justin Lee
    John Lindner   pflag-talk webmaster
    Jayelle Lukash Pagan-American princess
    Peter Ould webmaster,
    Patrick Rogoschewsky "weak atheist" 
    Laura Montgomery Rutt Equal parnters in faith
    Steve Schalchlin composer, The Last Session
    Courtney Sharp transgender activist
    Randy Thomas director, Living Hope
    Jeramy Townsley BA webforum moderator
    Bob Van Domelen director, Broken Yoke
    Patricia Nell Warren author, The Front Runner

    Gossamer Bridges Revisited
    by Sonia Balcer

    I wander amid the threads 
    streaming through my thoughts. 
    The lines cross and blur, drifting 
    In silent orchestration-- 
    At times interweaving, 

    Three-fold composite of journeys parallel 
    Connected through cyberspace, 
    Lifeline to heart-selves dangling from precipice 
    Voices uttering stories unheard, 
    depths unknown 

    At times the threads cut 
    Binding together knowings which cannot coexist-- 
    At times the strands reach across chasms of resolve, 
    spiraling through unfolding universes that might have been, 
    tunneling connection with what is not 
    In parallel existence paths unfolding 
    flashes revealing a deeper Beauty. 

    . clarifying vision 
    . . . mending wounds 
    . . . . . expanding sight 

    Threads issuing from springs of passion, 
    tempered in authenticity and tears, 
    shared in trust and respect-- 
    these fragile translucent threads 
    are the eternal, healing stuff of Bridges. 

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