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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 00:18:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Steve C
To: Steve S

Subject: God loves lgb people 

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Steve S
You may believe whatever you wish, Steve. I speak strongly on this subject  because I was torn to pieces for too long and didn't speak out. As continue to run into young gay kids who are seriously suicidal because of what they  are being taught in church, I find my patience coming up short.

Steve C.: More than anywhere, this is where I think you and I are going to find common ground (in so many ways). 

I also find the situation you describe to be *absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.* I agonize over it too. Perhaps there's something you and I can do together. We can tell those young people that God loves them, fully. Completely. UNCONDITIONALLY. 

I expect you are feeling a little squeemish about sharing that message with me considering which side of the divide I'm on. Well, look at it this way. A young person from a conservative Christian home (as you and I both were) hears the message (a) from you - and discounts it because *you're gay* and a Christian. Same young person hears it from me (b) and discounts it because I'm *(ex-gay, post-gay, choose any polite term)* and s/he's not. Senario (c). Hears it from *both of us* and *can't discount it* - internalizes: "It must really be true! They're saying it from *both sides*!" 

 Steve S. wrote: [snip] Everything in my own theology begins and ends with the way we treat other people 

Steve C.: (And I'm serious when I say I can see that by the way you have *treated me*. Whereas lgb persons are and have been treated like "Samaritans" by many conservative Christians, ex-gays have been treated like "Samaritans" by many lgb people. You have been different. I see the "brush strokes of the Master" in your life, Steve. It is unmistakable.) 

Steve S. continued: and with the effect our beliefs have on others. Of course I believe in evil and sin. I just don't think it has to do with who I fall in love with. What's evil is the theology that has a young gay kid who thinks he is separated from Christ because of his homosexuality, and who is holding a gun to his head since he cannot change. 

Well, my brother, on the most important things, (IMO) you are right. We have some different views on some of this. Some of them are *really big* different views. The question becomes is our commitment to following Christ and telling of his love bigger? Will we work together as much as we can, while being true to our own understanding, to get the news to them? (They *are* loved unconditionally.) 

 Steve S.: [snip] The effect of this "betrayal by Jesus" led me into devout atheism and a total rejection of the Word. It took years and years before I would even talk about God. The circle back to faith has been long and arduous. How I wished someone had told me a the beginning that I didn't have to "change" and that I could live a full, loving rich spiritual life and still be gay. 

Steve C: You weren't betrayed by Jesus. You were betrayed by a conservative Christian church that would not look at "the beam in it's own eye" while pointing to "the speck" in yours. It was wrong. It was sinful. And the problem continues now. 

I realize that parts of this analogy will not fit with your view. I go as far as I can - then I reach. If you will do the same we can touch. 

I am one person who wants to see change. There are probably many more. That's what J&R will be about. Please pray for us.. 

May our God's face shine on you and bless every step of your journey, 

Steve (C)



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