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Articles and dialogue by BA participants

"A Quantum Leap of  Honesty and Relationship"  (January, 2002)  Sonia Balcer's article concerning the Conservative Church's response to homosexuality.

Jones & Yarhouse's Homosexuality:The Use of Scientific Research in  the Church's Moral Debate A book review  by Jeramy Townsley  (April, 2001) 

"The Ex-Gay Movement: History, Psychology and Politics: - A Tolerant Perspective" (February 2001)  A seminar by Jeramy Townsley at  MBLGTACC,  University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign   --  A detailed outline of the seminar: covering history, pscyhology, politics and policies, and responding to exgays. "Our goal, then, is to find a path which protects our own community and protects  the freedom of expression of religion. Regardless of how we might judge the ex-gay for wanting to pursue that path, it remains his prerogative to do so and to prevent him/her from doing so diminishes all of our rights."

"A Map that Few Will Follow " Jayelle Lukash reviews the Exodus youth video (December, 2000)

 "The Children's Crusade" - Jayelle's article based on interviews with exgay youth ministry leaders and with ex-exgays.

Dialogue and Moral Disagreement 
by Johanna Goth, June 2000
Dialogue and Moral Disagreement --

In one sense, dialogue seems like an incredibly obvious, perhaps even trivial, answer; however, I would suggest that those who are impressed by its obviousness consider how rarely it has been successfully utilized, or how rarely there have actually been attempts to implement it at all.  We think of "talk" as a way of mediating or resolving conflicts, but we don't take talk seriously. (Gutmann and Thompson 1996, p. 12)   I intend to take talk seriously here.  I want to examine where dialogue and discussion might fit in a democracy, as well as how it should work:  what its structure should be, what principles it should be governed by, and what its aims should be. 

 Other essays, letters & articles by B-A participants

Sonia Balcer: Letter to The Advocate (published)  (1998)
Sonia Balcer Sonia writes about change
Sonia Balcer Letter to Florida's Rep. Trovillion (April, 2000)
Beal, Cindy   Context Matters (May, 2000)
Tom Cole Oped: Gays and Exgays Sharing the Pain of the Past (published) (Nov. 1999):
Tom Cole Why I did the ad   (October, 1998)
Tom Cole Glsen Report (April, 1998)
Natalie Davis The Other Side of the Rainbow (published) (March, 1999)
Maggie Heinema: The "Backward Thinking"Myth
Maggie Heineman: Satinover & DOMA
Maggie Heineman: The Founders of Exodus?
Maggie Heineman: Lynchburg, Soulforce, and Exgays (October, 1999)
Ken McPherson   Boyscouts: Haley letter, McPherson response  (August, 1999)
Chris Purdom  Kennedy and the COR
Laura Montgomery Rutt Exgay workshop at NGLTF conference
Laura Montgomery Rutt Promise Keepers Rally: My Impressions
Pastor Bob Stith Keep Contending for Truth
Randy Thomas B-ville: A Glimmer of Hope
BA Steering Committee Let the Real Healing Begin (October, 1998)



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