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April 10, 2001 Tampa Tribume article about the meeting of Rep. Tovillion with the students.

"Gays and Exgays: Sharing the Pain of the Past" - by Tom Cole


Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 23:58:22 -0800
From: sonia balcer
Subject: a conservative's response on meeting with gay youth

Dear Representative Trovillion, 

I am writing in regards to an account of your meeting with gay students seeking your support for measures to protect against discrimination.  I would like to offer some thoughts from the perspective of a conservative Christian who leads a support group for individuals struggling with homosexuality, but who is nonetheless greatly dismayed by the contemptuous disregard evident in your words towards these students who were and are seeking leadership willing to truly address the problem of sexuality-related bullying in schools.

Reportedly during that meeting you told the youths that they will, "cause the downfall of this country," and after one described being physically attacked on account of his attractions, your response was "you have to suffer the consequences of your actions".  This troubles me, for this young man's "action" was apparently nothing more than his lack of concealment of the fact that his attractions are towards the same sex rather than the opposite sex.  The presence or absence of such should never be turned into a source of physical threats and bullying, as sadly it is far too often in our nation. 

Perhaps most disturbing was the implication that those who beat up such students are somehow executing a deserved "consequence".  For the reality is that students don't get beat up because they are engaging in premarital sex; they are harassed on vague suspicions in regards to their attractions.  Bullies are not enforcers of virtue, but are cowards and moral weaklings who desperately feed off those upon whom their insecurities can be projected.  To portray them as otherwise in my view utterly belies your stated opposition to "discrimination." 

I say with great distress, Mr. Trovillion, that the greater "threat" to the well-being of our country is deep seated bias and disregard such as you exhibit towards some of the most vulnerable members of our society.  How can youth such as these who visited you hear your words and not conclude that you totally despise them?  Whether we agree with them or not, and whether or not they recognize sexual relationships with members of the same sex as wrong, these are people for whom Jesus suffered and died, and whom He cherishes.  None of us meet His standards of righteousness -- not any one of us -- we all fall short of His glory and are received into His kingdom only by His blood and His grace. 

I hope and pray that you will take some time to reflect on what kind of response would truly reflect and honour the righteousness of Christ. 

Sonia Balcer

Director, Safe Passage

Webmaster, Justice and Respect

Sonia Balcer is webmaster of

Justice and Respect 
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