Let the Real Healing Begin
A Call to Dialogue by the Bridges-Across Steering Committee

Romer Commission Report

Steering Committee

Appendix A:  "Justice and Respect: What is Required of Thee"

Appendix B:  "The Bible and Dialogue"

Let the Real Healing Begin
A call to dialogue by the Bridges-Across Steering Committee
October 7, 1998


The issue of homosexuality taps into many emotions. There is a great divide that is reflected in devastated lives and an ongoing politics of polarization. We have come together disagreeing about the morality of homosexual relationships, yet valuing the creation of relationships of trust even across this divide. We hope to demonstrate a working model for respectful, thoughtful dialogue as a resource for creative action wherever the divide appears.

We present ten specific areas where people who disagree about homosexuality and gender identity can collaborate across the divide to reduce mutual hostility and intolerance: 1) Internet dialogue, 2) safe schools, 3) AIDS  support, 4) families, 5) campus service projects, 6) music and friendship, 7) education about homosexuality, 8) ex-gays and ex-ex-gays, 9) truth, and 10) public discussion of the Romer Commission Report on Same Sex Relationships.

Each section of the paper has three parts: 1) discussion and quotations, 2) vision statement, 3) urls. Each vision statement briefly suggests a dream that could become a reality. The urls link to the documents that are quoted and provide the bibliography for the paper.

The dream of respectful cross-divide dialogue on the Internet is already reality.

Appendix A introduces our sister site Justice and Respect. 

Appendix B provides biblical support for dialogue.

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The dream of respectful cross-divide dialogue on the Internet is already reality.

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