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My workshop on exgays
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My workshop on exgays
by Laura Montgomery Rutt
November, 1998

My presentation on compassion for exgays (bridges) was well received at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Conference  I was pretty nervous about it because I perceived it as a hostile audience, but once I started speaking, everyone listened with an open mind.

I donít remember everything I said, I was speaking in front of hundreds of people, but when I went to buy a tape, they were sold out. I have one on order.

My main point was that exgays are not the enemy, and that if gays and lesbians want their life validated by the Religious Right, then we are hypocrites if we seek to invalidate the experiences of exgays.

The main thing I remember, was at the very end, was when I asked very pointedly if exgay people themselves are the enemy, many of whom never experienced a 'healthy' gay relationship or 'lifestyle', many of whom were riddled with guilt and found it easier to change their orientation than their image of God?  NO!  It is the politicization of the movement, not the people in it.

I was not speaking for Bridges, but I was speaking from my heart, and I think it was apparent.  Lots of applause, lots of questions afterwards, and lots of people coming up to me for hours afterwards asking questions and/or telling me they heard from someone else how good it was. (To tell the truth, this was my third workshop in a row and I just wanted to go hide in my room - but I stuck it out and talked openly with everyone)

Lots of people picked up bridges flyers.

Doing my part to make the world a more loving place.

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