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The Cry for Renewal Document  (Call for Renewal) We refuse the false choices between personal responsibility or social justice, between good values or good jobs, between strong families or strong neighborhoods, between sexual morality or civil rights for homosexuals, between the sacredness of life or the rights of women, between fighting cultural corrosion or battling racism. [Sojourners Online] [Sojourners Email List

Bishop Matthew H. Clark (Roman Catholic), Mass in Rochester (Samaritan)  Rochester, N.Y. Mass for Gay and Lesbian Catholics, Families and Friends. Bishop Clark's Homily -- March 1, 1997. Catholic Courier, Dioces of Rochester, April 24 follow up article Of those [letters] 93 percent were postive of the initiative.  Steve Calverley "First Person account of the Mass in Rochester"  (J&R) Should we shake hands or hug? It was as though she wanted to say "I'm lesbian, do you accept me as a person?" I thought to myself "Gladly, my sister, but do you accept me? I'm what some call 'ex-gay.' " 

Bishop Norbert M. Dorsey (Roman Catholic) Mass in Orlando (Samaritan) Mass of the Catholic Gay and Lesbian Ministries/Diocese of Orlando, January 27, 1997--  A reaching out, rightfully, should be made to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who have been baptized into the same faith. 

Father Paul Feheley - (Episcopal) Homily at a Eucharist among members of Fidelity and Integrity in Toronto Ron Chaplin writes: "As we waited for the community to gather, we were all in a state of anxious and somewhat fearful anticipation. What was about to happen?." (New - 10/17/97)

The Reverend Bunker Hill (Epicopal) "He came to be on the side of everyone" (Worship that Works) Jesus rains on our parade because we all want him to take up our cause and lead us where we want to go. But Jesus came, not to join in our parade, but to teach us to take up our cross and join in his parade. 

Bishop Michael Ingham (Anglican) Speech in Toronto  We believe Jesus Christ continues to stand today with those who are outcast and abused because society has projected on to them the shadow of its own ambivalence and fears. 

Henri Nouwen (Roman Catholic) - Excerpt from Return of the Prodigal Son  The Father is not simply a great patriarch.  He is mother as well as father.  He touches the son with a masculine hand and a feminine hand.  Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son (Web Museum).

Patricia Nell Warren (Sweet Medicine Way) "The Right to Be Spiritual"  I got to thinking about all the "rights" being argued today. The right to marry. The right to attend school in safety. The right to express yourself. The right to have rights. But how about the right to be spiritual? 

"Mel White (MCC) Soul Force Seminar" (JusticeNet) He echoed the voices of all the Jewish prophets who proclaimed in the words of Micah: "What does God want from you? This is all of it. Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God." 

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