Confronting the Powers

Confronting the Powers that Be

A Study Guide by Vern Rossman

to accompany Walter Wink's

The Powers That Be:
Theology for a New Millenium
(Doubleday, 1998)


Engaging the Powers:
Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination
(Fortress Press, 1992)

"Why 99, you know we have to murder and kill and destroy in order to preserve everything that's good in the world." --Maxwell Smart to Agent 99


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Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Identifying the Powers
Session 3: On Redeeming the Powers
Session 4: The Domination System
Session 5: Jesus' Answer to Domination
Session 6: Breaking the Spiral of Violence
Session 7: Jesus' Third Way
Session 8: Practical Nonviolence
Session 9: Beyond Pacifism and Just War
Session 10: But What If . . . ?
Session 11: The Gift of the Enemy
Session 12: Prayer and the Powers
Session 13: Epilogue

Copyright © 1998 by Vern Rossman

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